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Making a difference.

As an attorney, I am dedicated to providing award-winning service to my clients. I take the time to research your unique situation completely and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you deserve. I am proud that so many of my clients have repeatedly turned to me for counsel and representation. I am determined to work hard to earn all of my clients loyalty every day. I am here to help you succeed.


I am one of the most dedicated divorce attorneys in the business, hands down. I have that small-firm feel because I am a small firm and show that by treating each case with care and consideration. No issue is too big or too small. If you have a legal problem, our staff can help you find a solution.

Cody Emerson

Cody Emerson, St. Petersburg Divorce AttorneyI focus largely on family law, but also practice real estate law, landlord/tenant law, wills, trusts, and estates, and DUI defense. I graduated from Florida State University with a bachelors in real estate and another in finance. I then attended Florida State University’s College of Law. While in school, I volunteered with the FSU Public Interest Law Center, representing indigent clients going through the family law system. I also clerked for Quinnell Elder Law Firm in Pensacola and a foreclosure defense firm while in Tallahassee. Since moving into private practice I have broadened my work to all areas of family law, real estate law, wills, trusts, and estates, and DUI defense.