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Indian Rocks Child Custody Lawyer

Parenting Plans, Time Sharing, and Your Parental Rights

In Florida, parenting plans known as time sharing have replaced traditional custody arrangements. Time-sharing involves the guardianship, residency, and care of a child. Custody disputes can have a huge impact on your role as a parent, and a Indian Rocks child custody attorney can help you understand your options and rights.

How Custody is Determined

When determining which parent will get custody of a child, courts consider a variety of factors such as the parents’ financial and physical abilities to care for the child, their medical histories, vocations and habits. They also consider the emotional bond between each parent and child, as well as the wishes of both parents.

It is important to have a child custody attorney to help you negotiate for the custody rights you deserve. Cody Emerson, Esq. represents mothers and fathers throughout the Indian Rocks, Florida area with all concerns regarding children. We will focus on working toward what’s right for you and your children.

Maintaining a Relationship with your Child through Shared Custody

In Florida, the court will act in what it believes to be the best interests of the child. In most cases, this means awarding generous time-sharing and shared parental responsibility to both parents. Parents should be aware that the court strives for parenting plans that provide the child with regular access to time with both parents over the course of the year. Though Florida technically does not utilize the term “joint custody,” this typical arrangement amounts to our common understanding of that term.

Emerson & Valentine, P.A. helps parents create manageable solutions when it comes to time-sharing and decisions regarding education, medical care and upbringing. Whenever possible, we encourage parents to negotiate time-sharing arrangements through mediation. However, we are always prepared to assert your parental rights and protect your relationship with your children through litigation if necessary.

Child Custody Consultation with an Experienced Custody Lawyer

At Emerson & Valentine, P.A. we are upfront and honest about what a parent can expect, what is reasonable and what is realistic. Our Indian Rocks child custody lawyers focus on saving you time and money while pursuing the options that are best for your family. Contact the Indian Rocks child custody law firm of Emerson & Valentine, P.A. today for a Consultation to discuss your child custody matter.