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St. Petersburg Divorce & Family Lawyers

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Divorce Attorney in Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Dedicated Divorce Attorneys Who Care

The decision to divorce is never easy, whether it is made mutually or by one spouse alone. That decision creates the need for many more that will profoundly impact everyone involved. While the process may be difficult, it is essential to handle divorce with care and efficiency. By enlisting the aid of an experienced Indian Rocks Beach divorce attorney, you can ease this trying, often traumatic process, reducing stress and giving you a sense of security. We encourage you to contact us for informed, conscientious guidance on whatever your current concerns may be in the realm of Florida divorce law.

Family Lawyers that Understand

At Emerson & Valentine, P.A., we believe in presenting all viable options for completing a dissolution of marriage (divorce). While our attorneys are skilled litigators, only the most intensely disputed family matters go all the way through trial. There are several ways to avoid putting critical decisions about your children and money in the hands of a judge—and we primarily focus on helping our clients reach agreements as amicably and affordably as possible.

However, we do understand that some divorces will not be resolved amicably and will require a skilled and experienced litigator. Our firm is able to provide outstanding legal representation that suits your needs, whatever route might work best for you.

Florida No-Fault Divorce

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning the spouse requesting a divorce can do so without providing evidence that the other spouse did something wrong. In order to file for a divorce in Florida, there are three things you must prove:

  • The marriage is valid;
  • One party has been a Florida resident for the last six months; and
  • The marriage is irretrievably broken.

Guidance For the Best Course of Action

You can turn to Emerson & Valentine, P.A. with confidence that your Indian Rocks Beach divorce lawyer will not escalate your case unnecessarily or push services that you do not need. Our attorneys are well equipped to assist you by:

  • Meeting with one or both divorcing spouses who already agree on issues such as child custody and time sharing, property and debt division, and support obligations – with the goal of completing an efficient “uncontested divorce;”
  • Serving as your dedicated divorce counsel and advocate every step of the way from preparing your filing or response to preparing extensively for negotiations, mediation or litigation; and
  • Facilitating an orderly, civil collaborative law process targeting divorce resolution through open discussion and information-sharing.

Schedule Your Divorce Consultation Today!

Whether you are in agreement with your spouse or need a lawyer to fight for your rights because your divorcing spouse is uncooperative, we encourage you to contact Emerson & Valentine, P.A.

Our Indian Rocks Beach, FL divorce lawyers will work with you to fully understand your goals, circumstances and unique family dynamic. From there, we will help guide you through the process in the best possible way.

We will investigate all options to help you pursue a settlement, preserving financial and emotional health, and allowing for the best possible relationships into the future.

To schedule a Consultation with an experienced and dedicated Indian Rocks Beach divorce attorney, call Emerson & Valentine, P.A. today at (727) 203-5576.