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Pinellas Park Parenting Plan Attorney

Pinellas Park Parenting Plan Attorney woman carrying boy wearing yellow polo shirt 3905790 200x300 Divorce can be tough, especially if there are children involved. As much as you want to be done with your former spouse already, your children still need both of you to work together and figure out how to give them the best future they deserve.

Parenting plans are often the answer to this problem. Before a judge can decide over a child custody case, you and your former spouse need to submit a parenting plan. The judge will then use this as the basis for granting parental responsibilities and determining visitation rights.

When creating a parenting plan, you need to be as detailed as possible. And although both you and your spouse want the best for your children, there will be points where agreements will be hard to achieve. Heated conversations may even erupt at some point.

So before you dive into the legal complications of establishing a parenting plan, contact a legal professional first. You don’t have to do it all alone. Emerson & Valentine has a team of commendable parenting plan attorneys that can help you. With our knowledge and experience, we guarantee the best parenting plan that’s favorable for you and especially your children.

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Creating a Parenting Plan in Pinellas Park

The purpose of a parenting plan is to meet every child’s needs despite you and your former spouse living separately already. Parenting plans must include all the following:

  • Who will be responsible for the children’s health care?
  • How much time will each parent spend with the children?
  • What are the daily duties of both parents in raising the children?
  • Who will make the educational decisions?
  • What will the pick-up and drop-off methods be?
  • Who will make the extracurricular decisions?
  • What is the mode of communication that each parent will use when the children are with the other parent?
  • Where will the children live?

Additionally, parenting plans may change as the children grow older. That means you should draft a parenting plan that includes details on how to accommodate possible future changes.

These are only some of the things you need to consider when establishing a parenting plan. The more detailed, comprehensive, and compelling your plan is, the better. That is why it is best to acquire help from a legal professional.

Call our Pinellas Park, FL parenting plan attorneys at (727) 203-5576 for a consultation now.

Factors in Determining Child Custody

Pinellas Park Parenting Plan Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205 Both parents are required by default to share parental responsibilities under the Florida family law. However, if you and your former spouse could not agree on making major decisions for your children, a judge may award sole parental responsibility to either one of you.

For a judge to determine child custody, the following will be considered:

  • Will the parent allow the children to have consistent communication and interaction with the other parent?
  • Is the parent capable of providing a stable home environment for the children?
  • Can the parent provide primary necessities like food, clothes, shelter, and care?
  • Is the parent considered to be morally fit to have custody?
  • Does the parent have job security?
  • Does the parent have to travel for his/her job regularly?
  • Do the children have a strong emotional bond with the parent?
  • Does the parent have deep knowledge of the children’s health, education, preferences, and other important information?
  • Does the parent have a history of neglect or abuse?
  • Will a third party be needed to share some of the parenting responsibilities?
  • What is the parent’s home situation after the divorce?
  • What are the children’s ties to their community and schools?

Even after all these factors are considered, and sole parental responsibilities are awarded to you or your former spouse, both of you still need to be present in the children’s lives. The non-custodial parent will still maintain a relationship with the children if it is in their best interests.

To better understand the ins and outs of this legal process, consult our parenting plan attorneys for free. Just call (727) 203-5576 to talk to our legal team now.

Benefits of Working with a Parenting Plan Attorney

Pinellas Park Parenting Plan Attorney affection baby baby girl beautiful 377058 300x199 There are some things that you just can’t perfectly do on your own. Creating a parenting plan is one of them. You need the guidance of a professional to fully make sure that you got all the details necessary for a satisfactory plan.

The following are some of the benefits of working with a parenting plan attorney:

You can do everything right in accordance with Florida family law. Because a parenting plan attorney has comprehensive knowledge of the law, they can legally guide you in every decision you make. With their constant advice, you won’t have to worry about violating regulations. Also, you can be certain that all the steps you are taking will be legally advantageous for you and your children.

The results will be convenient for you. Parenting plan attorneys are experienced negotiators. Once they know the terms that you want, they will work on helping you achieve them. They have the knowledge and skills to work around the law to provide you with the most favorable result for your case.

Your children’s rights and interests will be prioritized. Aside from your rights, your children’s welfare will be something that will fuel a parenting plan attorney’s legal actions. Like you, it will be their priority to give what is best for your children.

Your stress will be reduced. Legal procedures are never like walks in the park. They are complex and—especially in divorce and child custody cases—emotionally stressful. With a parenting plan attorney helping you through the process, a significant amount of stress will be taken off your plate. They will already be the ones who will draft and file your documents. They will also take charge of the negotiation process.

Parenting Plan Attorneys in Pinellas Park

Emerson & Valentine is a team of dedicated attorneys committed to giving you the best legal service in Pinellas Park, FL. Our parenting plan attorneys are experienced in dealing with child custody cases. They have the knowledge and the experience to guarantee you the best resolution for your particular case.

Once you decide to work with us, you wouldn’t have to worry about being at a legal disadvantage anymore. Our parenting plan attorneys are among the best in the field. They will plan with and negotiate for you. Rest assured, they wouldn’t deliver results that are not satisfactory for both you and your children’s interests. From consultations to the best legal representation, Emerson & Valentine only promises premium quality service for you.


Pinellas Park Parenting Plan Attorney logo ev edited orig 300x62 One could always use a professional’s guidance—especially when it comes to taking care of their children’s welfare.

If you find yourself dealing with child custody matters, know that you don’t have to handle it all by yourself. When it comes to establishing a parenting plan in Pinellas Park, Emerson & Valentine can offer the best legal help. Reduce your stress and take care of your children’s interests in the best way you can.

Call Emerson & Valentine at (727) 203-5576 for a consultation with a parenting plan attorney in Pinellas Park now.