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Top Notch Attention - A Real Pro

Cody successfully fought for my wife and I in a case against a former landlord, who unjustly withheld a significant portion of our security deposit. His attention to detail, time invested in the case and overall efforts all stood out to us throughout the case and I was impressed with both his courtroom stature and his diligence behind the scenes. If the need ever arises for me to seek legal representation again, Cody will absolutely be my first call. He has my utmost confidence and highest endorsement.

- Jon

Messy custody battle.

Mr.Emerson for lack of a better phrase held my hand through my entire custody process. I was very busy with other personal matters during the custody procedures, but my case never missed a beat due to Mr. Emersons diligence. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney in any of his areas of expertise. Mr. Emersons rates were also fantastic when I compared a few different lawyers.

- Nicholas

A. Cody Emerson

My Emerson has been the best attorney I have ever had any dealings with. He has been very patient and attentive even though my case was not a great big one and not much compensation for him. It was a renter-landlord-foreclosure situation and I was caught in the middle. He still gave me the the best legal advice and the best legal service I have ever received. I just can't praise him enough. I am elder, very confused and worried about the case and he repeated explanations many times without the slightest hint of impatience or annoyance. I had gotten conflicting information from agencies, even the legal aid agencies for elders. To say that he is exceedingly patient and courteous is an understatement. I have already recommended Mr Emerson to many family members and friends, who have not had such good service or outcomes! I give an enthusiastic thumbs up!

- Marsea

Very helpful

Very helpful and helped resolve my grandmother's issue quickly and also referred her to another helpful lawyer for another matter.

- Andrew

Great Experience

Cody made me feel at ease when speaking with him. He was very attentive and kept me well informed.

- Jessica

Have a Problem?

CODY will give you the best Legal advice you need. CODY will stay with you on the issue at hand and be there if you need him . I would recommend A. CODY Emerson for any legal matters.

- Gaetano


Attorney A. Cody Emerson knows what he is talking about. He is right up front with advice and information about my situation. He is willing to assist with legal problems and direction on what to do. I would recommend him for Legal assistance.

- Gaetano

Great first impression!

So far, hiring Cody to evict non-paying tenants from my home has been a smart decision. I wanted to give him a pre-review of my experience with him so far because I can see that he far exceeds my expectations. He is caring, kind and even came to my home because I wasn't feeling well enough to go to his office! My husband and I may very well hire him for an entirely different situation. I have a feeling already that we will enjoy a long professional relationship with Cody and we'll be sure to recommend him to friends and relatives.

- Tammy Reiter

Success Story

We had the pleasure of working with Cody in order to get out of our rental home lease agreement with the property management company. With Cody's guidance and assistance we were successful at breaking the lease and receiving our deposit back in full! I would highly recommend him!

- a Residential Real Estate client

Thanks for everything, Cody!

I hired Cody to handle my divorce case last 2014. I consulted 3 lawyers before him but to my disappointment, either they don't know what to do or they don't want to handle cases that involve international correspondence/ processing since my ex-husband is in the Philippines. But when I consulted Cody, he already know right away what to do to start the process. He is very knowledgeable in his field and knows every corners of our law. He is very patient and perseverant researching on things he needed to know to facilitate international processing. He is also very professional, nice, and sensitive to his client's needs. I will surely use his services again if I would need a lawyer again... I just hope it's NOT gonna be for another divorce! Lol!.. Thanks for everything, Cody!.. More power to you!

- Liezl Geli

Cody is great attorney

Cody is great attorney as well as awesome human being ,just hired him little time ago ,I have spoken to more than 15 attorneys in Tampa ,Saint Petersburg,Clearwater,Brandon , lot of them were intelligent lawyers however one thing they all had in common was money money and more money ,Cody listened to my situation and decided to take on my case it's just the beginning but I have full faith in him and his skills !! I ask him many many questions all the time and he is always there . Thank you Cody !!

- Usman Younas

Went above and beyond

Went above and beyond to assist my family in our time of need. Wonderful person.

- Jeffrey Alderson

Well done!

Glad to know this incase I need a lawyer! Well done! Congrats to the Emerson Family!

- Gina Marie

Thank you Cody!

It was the first time I had ever been "forced" to hire an attorney to collect a past due debt. I had no idea what lay ahead. I had met Cody as he was finishing up at FSU, so I called him. We sat down and came up with a plan. Walking out of that first meeting I knew I had hired the right person. He made me feel confident and comfortable and is a very compassionate person. That tribute comes thru in his profession. Cody is and will be my attorney should the need arise again. I have recommended Cody to several friends and family members. Thank you Cody!

- Curtis

Could Have Been A Nightmare

Mr. Emerson guided my through a messy custody case. He handled every aspect of my case from custody to child support. The entire process could have been a nightmare, but Mr. Emerson was on top of every date and continually reminding me of paperwork and such on my end. If you want an attorney very attentive to your case as well as yourself I would highly Recomended Mr.Emerson.

- N. Ferguson

Contact Dispute with Insurance Company

Cody helped me with a contract dispute I had with an insurance company. After I had Cody step in things got cleaned up really quickly. I have a few friends in the industry that have used him for other work and recommended I work with him. Glad I do.

- Richart

Best attorney that I have had hire in my entire lifetime.

Cody Emerson, hands down, is the best attorney that I have had hire in my entire lifetime.. he took our car and took control of the whole entire situation with extreme confidence and make sure that my family and I still had a roof to put over our heads. His awesome Attorney Services is the reason why we're in a happy place right now and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Cody ,you truly are the best. My family and I can't thank you enough.

- Deanah Atchison

I highly recommend him

Cody represented me through my divorce and he was very professional and supportive throughout the process and I highly recommend him.


Such a good moral man!

Mr Valentine is such a good moral man! He is fair and keeps you on track and focused on the goal. We are not done with the final custody arrangements and our case is complex. He has heard me cry several times and just has this amazing way to keep me back on track! You will not be disappointed or stirred wrong and he WILL watch out for the best interest of your child every step of the way. He has a peaceful manner but is not afraid to call someone out on their behaviors and any injustices occurring. He believed me and trusted me when the other parent was falsely accusing me of all kinds of craziness. I had to fire my old attorney for her incompetency. Mr Valentine knows what he is doing! And through this whole experience he is looking out for the best possible outcome for an imperfect situation he truly wants what’s best for the whole family!

- Jennifer Hicks

I’d highly recommend these attorneys!

- Rayna Tanis

Great Lawyer!

I highly recommend Bob Valentine’s representation to anyone in need of a sharp divorce attorney. I shopped around and met with several well known attorneys before choosing Bob who came recommended by a friend. He handled my case with outstanding responsiveness, competence and complete professionalism. He was the calm, cool voice on the end of the telephone when my troubles began with my divorce. Whenever things got tough and I became upset regarding the case, Bob stepped in to calm, empathize, answer questions, and got me the deal that gave me my life back. I highly recommend his professional services and will always be thankful for the way he handled my case. Thanks for everything Bob!

- Anonymous


My friend and I contacted Mr Valentine for a legal issue in Florida. We are both residents of CA and were clueless to Forida Law. How we came about Mr. Valentine was through a Google Search, so one can say a cold call.It was evident on our first call to Mr. Valentine we to look no futher. He listened and took his time on telephonic call to explain Florida Law and what the next steps would to help resolve our situation. After our ended, he immediatly went to work on our case. Within, a month, our issue was resolved and ended.Mr. Valentine, was assertive, attentive and always availble to answer questions or concerns. Something you don't find to happen often once one retains an attorney.Above and Beyond.

- Elena K

Highly Recommended!

We hired Attorney Valentine after he was highly recommended by a family friend. We worked with Attorney Valentine for 18 months on our Supplemental Modification Case and during those 18 months he treated us with dignity and respect and showed that he truly cares about his clients and in the end wants what is best for his clients and their family. Attorney Valentine is an experienced knowledgeable and patient lawyer; one of the many things that we respect him for is his honesty. He never once set us up with high expectations, he was always up front with us letting us know every direction our case could end up going. His priority was clear in doing what was best for our family, which he did. Attorney Valentine was a tremendous help to our family and we are grateful.

- Anonymous

Great consulting

We had a question about our landlord/ tenant relationship and were looking everywhere for a consultation. People were charging hundreds of dollars just to hear our case. Mr. Valenine took time out of his schedule and we had a really reassuring and knowledgeable conversation, and made himself very available. Not sure yet how things will turn out, but we feel confident that Mr. Valentine would be the person to advocate for us.

- Fraser

Great Divorce Attorney - Cares About His Clients

Attorney Valentine handled my divorce for me from start to finish. I'd heard so many bad things about attorneys that I was wary in even hiring one to help me through my case, but right from the first meeting I knew that Bob was an attorney who actually cared about his clients and wouldn't steer me wrong. He did a great job in helping to negotiate a parenting plan, including shared custody of my kids, got me everything that I should have gotten as far as marital assets were concerned, and made sure that the alimony and child support were right where they should be. We didn't have to go to trial because we reached a settlement, but I'm confident that Bob would have been as prepared and professional at trial as he was during each step of my case.I've recommended him to my friends and would recommend him to anyone.

- anonymous


Mr. Valentine was very professional, courteous, and seemed to really care about me as a person while I was going through this difficult time. He is very knowledgeable concerning family law and responded quickly to all types of correspondence. He made me feel at ease during the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Valentine to anyone going through a divorce.

- Kelly Bain

Professional & On point

I retained Mr. Valentine in the 11th hour of my custody case. He's a great listener and very professional in all aspects of litigation. Mr. Valentine excelled in remembering dates, times and discrepancies in OC's testimony. He was very direct, yet polite in his cross-examination. Perfectly presented the facts and well versed in the laws and statutes pertaining to Florida Family Law. Mr. Valentine also allowed me to be hands-on, providing input and minor direction during my case. His court-room appears is well put together and organized. Again, Bob is a great listener and patient person. He genuinely cares about his clients. I believe I had solid representation by Mr. Robert Valentine.

- Tim

Very helpful

I have not yet hired any attorney, however, speaking with Mr. Valentine helped me understand what will happen when we are able to go through the process. He took a few moments of his time to explain answers to my questions and I am so thankful.

- Holly

Knowledge is power! You need to call Mr. Valentine today!

I just had a free consultation with Mr. Valentin, He was able to explain the good and bad of my case with knowledge and options. I like the fact he was up front with my cases issues vs telling me what I wanted to hear. I feel it is better to be up front like he was and come up with a plan like he did. I feel very comfortable with Mr. Valentin and his abilities. I will be retaining Mr. Valentine for his legal services and if you are smart you should as well.

- Ronald

Great attorney

He is bright, compassionate, caring, calm, and level headed. He helped me see things more rationally than I could have otherwise and laid out options in a matter of fact manner with my best interest in mind.

- anonymous

Very upfront and knowledgeable.

Cody emerson has helped me on a couple different occasions!! Very upfront and knowledgable and walked me through all the different sceniros!! Very easy to get ahold of and kept me up to date on everything as soon as it happen!! Contact them and you will be very happy with the service and results!! Thank you Mr. Emerson!!

- Frank Hawthorne

Bob did a wonderful job with my case.

Bob did a wonderful job with my case. He was very patient with my situation and got the results I was looking for. Bob truly wants what is best for his client and it shows. Bob is the right choice if you are looking for someone who is fair, honest, dependable, and good at his job. Thank you so much for everything!!

- Mike Post

An attorney that takes a case to heart.

Mr. Valentine is an attorney that takes a case to heart. Through out my entire time with him I never once questioned what was going to happen next. He kept me informed, was fair priced, and truly wanted the best not just for me but for my family, which was the most important to me. I can not thank Bob enough for what he had done for my family, he was our angel in the darkest hour.

- Krista Damann

He's a great listener and genuinely cares about his clients.

I retained Mr. Valentine in the 11th hour of my custody case. He quickly became familiar with my case and even let me to be hands-on by providing input and minor direction during litigation. He's a great listener and genuinely cares about his clients. Mr. Valentine was quick to point out discrepancies in OC's testimony. He was very direct, yet polite in his cross-examination. His court-room appearance is well put together and organized. I feel I has proper representation by Mr. Robert Valentine.

- Timothy Lorens

Handled our case with professionalism and tact.

Mr. Valentine handled our case with professionalism and tact. The outcome was was accordingly to his ethical standards. Very pleased with the Law office of Robert Valentine.

- Elizabeth Sanguinetti

Professional and efficient.

Professional and efficient. I tried doing my own divorce for about a year and finally gave up, found Attorney Valentine and my divorce was final within a couple of months. He also went above and beyond on a couple of things, which I wholeheartedly appreciate.

- Jen Palmer

I Highly Recommend Cody Emerson to anyone.

Cody Emerson is The Finest Attorney I have EVER Met. He is Brilliant and I know always had my back protecting me. When he speaks in court you know you are in very capable hands. In his closing arguments the only think I could think of was He Smoked Them!

- David Weinberg

Absolutely incredible.

Absolutely incredible. Any potential future legal needs will also be done through this company. Mr. Emerson came to my rescue. They were very attentive and always answered my questions in a timely manor. Continuously keep me updated throughout the process, making a stressful situation tolerable. Positive judgement. Highly satisfied with their services. Definitely, recommend this firm.

- Rae Vera

Highly recommend!

- Brandon Moorhead